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How Preschool Plays an Important Role in Child Development?

By Little Elly Indiranagar | June 18, 2019 | Play School

Education that is imparted during early childhood goes a long way in shaping the kid into a promising individual. This happens when kids step into a preschool. Preschool helping kids to socialize with their peers, preschools come as perfect tools that can boost kids confidence levels.

A Preschool, creates the foundation for the child’s all-round development, fostering positive values, good habits, right attitude and value based behavior at an early age.
Here we describe how preschool plays an important role in child development.

The First “Home Away From Home”

Preschool are a child’s first experience with the outside world – away from parents and the comfort zone of his or her home. It’s a leap of emotion for the parents who have to  assign their kids to the care of well-meaning strangers. They do so more out of choice than compulsion, for they know the few hours of separation is vital for their child’s growth.

Research has shown that Preschool education is the first step in exposing children – aged two to five years – to a new environment that teaches basic life skills and cultivates a love for learning. It goes a long way in preparing children for a decade-long school life.

Preschool come with lots of material supported by the cordial supervision of teachers to make the transition from home to Preschool secure and comfortable. Slowly yet steadily, a Preschool becomes the second home of kids where they not only familiarize themselves with the new surroundings but also socialize with teachers and their classmates. Adaptability is the lesson that is imparted by Preschool to kids at a very tender age.

Your Child's Self-Esteem

Preschool teach kids the basic importance of self-esteem when kids begin to recognize the importance of their name; for the very first time. A preschool where kids learn to identify various objects, it will also be the first place for building friendships between preschoolrs. You begin to notice how your kid transform into a confident student when he/she will begin to express feelings of happiness, anger, fear and disinterest without any reservations. Not only will your kid get to know about his/her classmates but will also know about his own self, through his preschool education.

Preschool Education: Discover The Fun In Learning!

Preschool are the most attractive place for kids, because Preschool are the place where kids enjoy learning through play. It’s a perfect blend of fun and learning. When kids are taught in a fun & playful manner, they not only learn better but also sharpen their creative skills too. Preschool are the educational places where parents and teachers can make the most of the impressionable and curious minds of kids.

Preschool is all fun and games ...

There is never a dull moment in the Preschool , with a wealth of activities and learning opportunities taking place. Whether it be painting, dressing up, singing, dancing, yoga etc …Toying with different objects, playing in the sand pit or learning rhymes through actions are all the creative ways in which kids will engage themselves in their Preschool days. Preschool come up with activity days when kids can pick up anything like coloring with crayons, building blocks or clay modeling that interests them.

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